Our Story

Wiser Hare was founded in November 2015 by Stephan Huez. After 17 years spent working for IT Consultancy companies, he decided that it was about time he started his own company. Stephan wanted to create a company that truly represented his values.

Wiser Hare finds its name in the famous fable of the Hare and the Tortoise. In the fable, the hare is hasty and full of himself. Speed is important but it is not enough to win.

What if the hare got wiser and more humble? What if he knew that what matters is to be part of a team? What if the hare realised that what matters is the destination and that he understood that the journey requires new skills?

Wiser Hare is all about that. We aim at working as a team and belonging to a team. We aim at helping individuals, teams and organisations create and build what matters, what is of true value to their business and their context.

In this time and age, speed is key to survive. However, if one goes extremely fast but builds products that deliver little value, or are of poor quality, they will not survive. They will unfortunately go out of business.